The expected outcomes of the project are of different kinds:

1.       First, the project will lead to ‘capacity building’ in the areas where we work – Hammarkullen and Backa. This means, for example, that we contgribute to bringing together people who work and live here, to the creation of networks and that people who get involved in the processes also learn useful things. Together, this will hopefully strengthen the opportunities for these areas to develop in a positive way. Our workshops and seminars are important for this, and we also hope that the website can help linking different groups and individuals.

2.       Second, we hope that the things we learn through the project can be used also in other areas with similar situations as Hammarkullen and Backa. For example, we aim to develop new methods for officials to give citizens influence over the development, or at least to better understand and improve existing methods. To spread knowledge about these methods, we will produce education material and arrange a conference. Again, this website is also thought to function as a channel for spreading knowledge.

3.       Third, we also want to reach out with the gained knowledge to the international researcher society, which we will do through writing academic papers  and present our results at different conferences.



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